At Sonoma Hills Farm we are honored to welcome Aaron Keefer as our new Vice President of Cannabis Cultivation and Operations. Aaron’s been an advisor and friend of the farm since the early days and has seen firsthand the potential of the land and experienced the extensive opportunity that lies ahead with respect to the plant.

He joins at the perfect time as we ready to build our cultivation facility and work toward our first harvest. Just as a highly-tended garden produces the best crops, and a well- managed vineyard is crucial to crafting a fine wine, the best cannabis is reliant upon the people that nurture it from seed to shelf. There’s no better person to cultivate and produce this cannabis than Aaron.

While some in the cannabis industry may not be familiar with his name, Keefer has spent the last decade managing the extensive gardening operations of Thomas Keller’s Restaurant Group (TKRG), which includes famed, 3-Michelin Star restaurant, The French Laundry, in Napa, California. A lifelong cannabis advocate and connoisseur, Aaron developed a love for farming early in life where he parlayed his extensive agricultural knowledge into elite culinary positions before transitioning to a career- defining role as one of the most respected gardeners in the restaurant industry.

In transitioning from an environment that demands absolute perfection from its produce, we welcome Aaron’s extensive botanical knowledge and are fortunate to have the opportunity to provide him a foundation in his path to cultivate his favorite flora: cannabis.

You can read more about Aaron’s background here.

Welcome aboard, Aaron!