Chef Garden Spotlight: Criollo Cilantro

The best herbs, grown alongside the best herb.   Approximately 10% of the population is genetically predisposed to hate cilantro. Thanks to a variation in their olfactory receptor genes, cilantro yields a vile, soapy taste. Side effects of eating it--or getting served it at a restaurant-- include ranting, moaning, and awkwardly pantomiming death. Aaron Keefer is not one of these people. He’s intently growing special cilantro renowned for its [...]

The Murals of SHF

Welcoming some new artwork to the property Petaluma’s got a history it has proudly endeavored to preserve. Nowhere is that more evident than its picturesque downtown. The tradition is palpable. (It’s worth noting this history and tradition-- at least above-ground-- has never embraced cannabis.) You’ll find century-old buildings, numerous antique stores, wrought iron fences, quaint streetlights, and even a temperance fountain from 1891. The final leg of the northward [...]

A Fresh Role for an Old Friend

At Sonoma Hills Farm we are honored to welcome Aaron Keefer as our new Vice President of Cannabis Cultivation and Operations. Aaron’s been an advisor and friend of the farm since the early days and has seen firsthand the potential of the land and experienced the extensive opportunity that lies ahead with respect to the plant. He joins at the perfect time as we ready to build our cultivation facility [...]


Monday marked a momentous day for us. The Sonoma County board of supervisors finally approved our commercial cultivation license. It was a long road, but worth it. And after years of planning, communicating and hard work, it's time to realize the dream. Marking a major milestone in wine country, Sonoma County has moved to turn some of its famous and quality land into craft cannabis cultivation- and we are lucky [...]

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