Sonoma Hills Farm cultivates premium, pesticide-free craft cannabis sustainably under the California sun.

Our intention at Sonoma Hills Farm is to bridge cannabis with Sonoma’s rich agricultural legacy by introducing craft cannabis to the farm-to-table lifestyle. Our variety of genetics includes both classic and unique strains, curated to those seeking both high-THC flower and dynamic cannabinoid and flavorful terpene profiles that appeal to the sophisticated, experienced flower consumer.

Pink Jesus

27.5% THC / Sativa
Pink Jesus is a Sonoma Hills Farm favorite. With notes of lavender and raspberry, it brings a fully enveloping body high paired with a lifted cerebral experience.

“When we tested this one, it exploded up our nostrils like a smoothie filled with exotic fruit.” – Jimi Devine, LA Weekly

Orange Açaí

26.5% THC / Sativa
Orange Açaí is a wonderfully uplifting choice. Pair with a Negroni that will lift, excite, and ready you for your first course.

Tropicana Punch

28% THC / Sativa
Tropicana Punch’s tropical fruit, lemongrass, and grape aromas make it a nice start to a meal, or paired with your sorbet between courses. It will prep you for the rest of the meal with an uplifting body high.

Wedding Crasher

26.3% THC / Sativa
A late season-gem that smells like a rich pound cake with a hint of fruit, Wedding Crasher is the perfect after-dinner treat. It lifts you up long after you think it should be over.

Cherry Cheesecake

35.4% THC / Indica
The nose is reminiscent of a savory cherry cheesecake. The smoke is smooth and dense. The high settles in like a deep fog and at the same time lifts you up. Long lasting and great for the movie theater.


26.4% THC / Indica
Its spicy, sharp notes are like a young olive oil. This is a good choice for a relaxing, cozy night at home. Just be sure you have your dinner fully prepped before enjoying as you won’t be getting much done afterward.

Banana Kush

23.2% THC / Indica
Banana Kush is full-bodied, reminiscent of over-ripe tropical fruit and pure banana. A good choice for unwinding in the evening and getting a restful night’s sleep.