Sonoma Hills Farm cultivates premium, pesticide-free craft cannabis sustainably under the California sun.

Our intention at Sonoma Hills Farm is to bridge cannabis with Sonoma’s rich agricultural legacy by introducing craft cannabis to the farm-to-table lifestyle. Our variety of genetics includes both classic and unique strains, curated to those seeking both high-THC flower and dynamic cannabinoid and flavorful terpene profiles that appeal to the sophisticated, experienced flower consumer. We selectively harvest each strain at peak trichome ripeness.

FALL/WINTER 2023-2024 Releases

Pink Jesus

Pink Jesus is a Sonoma Hills Farm favorite. With notes of lavender and raspberry, it brings a fully enveloping body high paired with a lifted cerebral experience.

Violet Femme

Violet Femme, a distinct pheno of the Pistachio strain, is celebrated for its Blissful and Social effects. Its remarkable deep purple coloration is visually captivating, while the aroma is a true sensory delight, with notes of nutty sweetness mixed with gas and pistachio ice cream undertones.

Gush Mints 1:1

Our award winning Gush Mints 1:1 took home a Silver Medal at the California State Fair. A perfect balance of CBD and THC this cross of Mango Haze and Kush Mints X Gushers is loaded with sweet and gassy terps.


Aka The Glitterbomb. A prettier bud will not be found. She shines back at you when you turn the lights on her, Compound Genetics new new hit is gonna hit you right where it feels good. Break this flower up and all eyes are on you, she is loud and heavy. Glitterbomb will not disappoint if you can get your hands on her. Compound genetics has a deep bench, but Glitterbomb is in the starting lineup this year.

Cherry Cheesecake

The nose is reminiscent of a savory cherry cheesecake. The smoke is smooth and dense. The high settles in like a deep fog and at the same time lifts you up. Long lasting and great for the movie theater.

Disclaimer: Cannabinoid and Terpene potency will vary by Batch. Numbers are associative of average Certificate of Analysis results.